General Membership Meeting:

The Marina Bay Yacht Club has General Membership meetings at the Marina Bay Yacht Harbormaster’s meeting room, once each year in October.  It is best to check the Club Calendar in The Signal for current information. 

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors meet 4:00 p.m. on the same day as the dinner and by the Commodore’s request at cruise-out locations.

Membership Classifications:

Membership dues are paid annually and are pro-rated from January 1 of each year for new members. Membership dues are as follows:

Regular – $125
Cruising – $50

There is a one-time initiation fee of $50, to accompany all applications, unless the prospective member is a member in good standing transferring from another PICYA* yacht club.  Processing (applications) includes posting the prospective member’s name(s) in the Club’s newsletter, The Signal, which is published four or more times a year.  New applications for Membership are then presented to our members through the Internet, and Board Members will vote accordingly.  New Members will be asked to attend the following MBYC meeting, at which time they will be introduced to the Board and attending members.

Membership Benefits:

Belonging to MBYC entitles members to reciprocal privileges with other yacht clubs throughout the Delta and greater Bay Area. This includes guest docking (a fee may be charged), clubhouse privileges and use of facilities. Our membership in PICYA extends this benefit to include most West Coast yacht clubs. MBYC cruising members have enjoyed a warm welcome at clubs throughout Mexico, Central America, the Pacific Rim and at other ports of call around the world. For additional information, please contact one of the MBYC board members

Contact Information:

Mailing Address:  Marina Bay Yacht Club
                            PO Box 70912
                            Richmond, CA 94807-0912